𝓇𝓸𝘺 𝓌𝖆𝕤𝒽𝚒ọ

BERLIN WALL ベルリンの石 2017


The art market runs with a unique principle which is completely different from existential values. Often, millions of dollars are spent through rules that apply nowhere else. However, it can be said that a similar phenomenon can be seen in tourism. For example, following the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, mere stones and pebbles, claiming to be from the Berlin wall, has been sold as souvenirs. The tourists purchase them, thinking “well, I came all the way here”, while seemingly ignoring all of their existential values. But this trade can only be established in Berlin. It is a reality that can only be felt in that plot of land. Thus, I find an inevitable resemblance between the tourism trade and the structure of the art market. By selling the same stones and pebbles beside the Berlin wall as an asian man, I explore the sense of discomfort found in these phenomenons.